Exhibition stand. NK ROSNEFT. SPIEF

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: St.Peterburg EC Lenexpo
  • Мероприятие: SPIEF
  • Площадь: 300 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

The design of the stand is based on a bionic shape that occupies most of the site. The shape of the stand symbolizes the energy company’s commitment to environmental friendliness and innovativeness – two current modernization processes. To attract visitors’ attention and ensure recognizability, a banner with the company’s logo is suspended above the stand area. The stand is made in light colors using the company’s corporate colors. To maintain the company’s image, bold innovative solutions and materials, as well as the latest information technologies are used. Recognizability is achieved through the active use of the logo in the design of the stand, as well as a suspended structure raised to the maximum height to attract the attention of visitors and stand out against the background of competing exhibitors.

The stand is visually divided into closed and open zones. The open zone is designed to meet visitors to the exhibition, while the closed zone is used for meetings and presentations, its purpose is to discuss cooperation issues, presentation of the company’s activities, and business communication. Interactive technologies are actively used at the stand: touch-screen stands, video installations, dynamic video presentations, displays with movies about the company’s activities. The key characteristics of this concept are environmental friendliness, innovation and dynamism. Compositionally, the stand area is divided into two zones – an open area for meeting visitors and a closed meeting room – a business communication zone located inside the central element of the stand. The open area represents two platforms equipped with everything necessary for the work of the stand operators: reception desks, booklets, touchscreens with interactive presentation of the company’s activities.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

The main element of the stand – a 6 m high bionic form – is also the information center of the exposition. Inside the closed structure there is an area for a more detailed acquaintance with the company – a large-size LED video wall is located on the front wall directly opposite the main entrance. It shows a presentation of Rosneft’s activities – a dynamic image of the map of Russia with the indication of the field and production profile of the company’s enterprises, photos of facilities, and information about the company’s achievements.

The closed meeting zone creates conditions for the most comfortable and effective business communication. It is located in the very center of the bionic structure, it provides two comfortable meeting rooms with armchairs and sofas, chairs, round tables, plasma panels with company presentations and laptops. The design of the meeting rooms is developed in such a way as to ensure the confidentiality of the negotiations held inside. They are as far as possible from the flow of visitors to the exhibition, so no unnecessary noises penetrate into them, they are closed from the views of outsiders.

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Description of the stand

The center structure is a round spherical structure that houses the enclosed meeting areas and utility rooms. A round hanger with a logo is located above the central structure. On three sides the logos are three-dimensional with letters + plasma screens. Below the logos are 32″ Panasonic plasmas. In the top ring of the structure are recessed circular lights. Central cylindrical structure: on the main side there is an LED screen. Behind the screen is the technical area. It contains the central control room. In the technical zone there are racks for storing souvenir products. Premises of the exhibition stand: small VIP meeting room for 4 people, large VIP meeting room for 8 people, kitchen and utility room. All rooms were equipped with furniture according to the design of the exhibition stand. The meeting area consists of 2 meeting rooms adjacent to the technical room. On the side of additional entrances, part of the wall to the meeting areas consists of vertical glass strips with plotter cutting. Doors to the meeting areas – 2 pieces, hinged white. There are 42″ Panasonic plasma 42″ in the meeting areas opposite to the glass openings. Kitchen – on the opposite side from the main entrance to the cylindrical structure adjoins the utility room, which is a sector with an entrance on both sides.

Trapezoidal suspension around the perimeter of the area with an internal grid. The height of the suspension is 9.5 meters. The main lighting and decorative structure are placed on the truss. The decorative structure is two rings. Decorative elements are fixed between the rings. Dimensions of the structure: total height is 3.5 meters, diameter is 10

meters. The upper and lower rings are rigidly connected to each other. Volumetric logo with letters – both sides. Illumination from the truss outside.

The podium is two-level. The first level is a rental modular construction on Sodeem System spiders with non-standard curved panels. The rough layer of the podium is chipboard. Floor covering – carpet with shaped cutting (yellow, black). The podium ends are made with 4 mm PVC strips with glued on carpet. The second level is a circle under the main spherical structure. It is a rented modular construction on Sodeem System spiders with non-standard curvilinear panels. The flooring is a seamless white gloss laminate with carpet pad. White reception desk with volumetric logo (MDF 16) with self-adhesive film application with shelves and lockable doors. Quantity – 2 pcs. Composite reception, dimensions of parts about 2,5*1. Height – 1 m. Table top – glass. Touch-screen stands: quantity – 6 pieces, made on the basis of monoblock computers with touch-screen. Covering and a pedestal for touchscreens: white glossy spherical surface on a chrome leg according to the design concept. Decorating the pole of the exhibition complex located on the exposition area.

Multimedia: an interactive wall – a tablet on which wishes for the national team are written. These wishes are displayed on an interactive wall made of plasmas in the form of the numbers 2014. There is an additional zone dedicated to the Sochi Olympics, where Rosneft is the general partner. The stand had a sound system that broadcasted music, microphones and a mixing desk were provided for the press conference. The work of the catering service and promotional staff in overalls, which were designed and sewn by Global Events, was organized. Turnkey content with infographics was developed for the video screens.

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