• Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow, Crocus Expo
  • Мероприятие: BATIMAT RUSSIA
  • Площадь: 300 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: KERAMIN

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

Design: KERAMIN Objective: development and design of the frame for a two-story stand construction, with a load on the second floor of 25 tons provided that the structure is completely static for the possibility of lining the walls from inside and outside of the stand with ceramic tiles, production, construction, installation, dismantling of the exhibition stand.

Ideology of the exhibition stand concept: chamberiness of the exhibition exposition

Implementation: design and calculation of power loads on the frame structure, production and construction of a two-story exhibition stand, production of large logos, production and preparation of surfaces for ceramic tile facing by the customer, technical support for turnkey exposures.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

The stand is completely lined with ceramic tiles (the product presented by the customer). As a frame of a two-story construction the professional exhibition system SODEM SYSTEM is used. This is a modular design, manufactured on the basis of a heavy-duty aluminum profile. The two-story construction is designed for a load of up to 500 kg per square meter, moreover, even with unsupported 6-meter spans. Such indicators are achieved due to the special structure of the load-bearing structure of the floor, divided into sectors – 1×1 m. The most important requirement of the customer is to ensure, taking into account the weight load, the complete static nature of the two-story structure and the surfaces lined with ceramic tiles.

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Description of the stand

The exhibition is brightly illuminated by 180 lamps, both built-in and hanging.

Two-story stand. The exhibitor’s products are presented in the form of corners. On the ground floor there is a reception.

The second floor is divided into zones with partitions, and there is also a utility room.

A staircase with frontal and horizontal tiling of steps with ceramic tiles leads to the second floor. The side wall of the staircase is made of glass, the handrail is LED illuminated.

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