Exhibition stand. NK ROSNEFT. MIEF

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow, Central Exhibition Hall "Manege"
  • Мероприятие: MMEF
  • Площадь: 108 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

The main objective of the design of the stand of OJSC NK Rosneft at the Moscow International Energy Forum “Russian Fuel and Energy Complex in the 21st Century” is to present OJSC NK Rosneft as a dynamic modern company, a reliable business partner in the energy industry. In the design of the stand, the emphasis is on dynamism, active development, and innovative solutions. The objective of the exhibition stand design is to create a dynamic exhibition structure of an original form to position Rosneft as a modern and active company focused on future achievements. The dynamics are expressed in the appearance of the main element of the stand – arches located at active angles, dynamic lines, and an unusual streamlined shape of the walls.

The design of the stand is symbolic – the exhibition represents the organization of the oil production process in the future – the themes of futurism, ecology, and the progressive movement are expressed here. This concept is characterized by such concepts as dynamism, development, technology, modernization. When developing the design, the emphasis was on creating a stand with an original shape, using modern technologies in the design of the exposition. A large seamless video screen was used to demonstrate a film about the company; interactive displays allow visitors to independently familiarize themselves with information about the company.

The exhibition stand has an original futuristic shape and is made in light colors with active use of corporate graphics of Rosneft Oil Company. The design uses combined translucent materials that provide free penetration of light and thereby visually increase the presentation space. Recognition of the stand is achieved through the use of three-dimensional company logos, a model of an oil rig, as well as the effective use of information space.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

In the interior design of the meeting area, mirror panels are actively used to visually increase the space. A video screen is mounted on the wall facing the pavilion’s passageway, which is used by the main flow of forum visitors. It shows a dynamic movie about Rosneft, animated photos, graphs and performance indicators. On the opposite side of the exposition there is a volumetric map of Russia with the indication of the field and production profile of the company’s enterprises.

Maximum information saturation of the exposition is achieved through the use of visual materials: in addition to the video wall, there are plasmas and interactive displays with information about the company. Volumetric logos of the company are located on opposite sides of the central element of the structure and raised to the maximum allowable height – due to this the exposition is clearly visible from different points of the pavilion. One of the main design elements contributing to the stand’s recognizability is a model of an oil derrick located in the center of the stand’s roof structure. Active use of Rosneft corporate colors in the design of the exposition ensures instant recognition of the stand.

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Description of the stand

Floor: Modular podium. Laminate flooring – dark wood. Podium end – yellow acrylic with illumination. Frame of the exhibition stand walls: plywood and MDF boxes, MDF paneling with painting. Windows of non-standard shape in walls and ceilings made of yellow acrylic transparent glass. The rooms are air-conditioned. The lower tier of windows is decorated with artificial grass. Two multi-level illuminated cards are located on both sides of the exhibition stand. Volumetric logos with counter illumination. Oil derrick structure painted in white, in the center is a black pipe with a diameter of 150 mm. Video wall made of seamless screens on each side of the stand. Closed meeting room: painted walls, graphic posters on remote holders, premium furniture made of natural materials, MFP set. Technical areas are equipped with shelving, kitchen equipment. Open area for negotiations is equipped with: round tables with office chairs, bar stools, reception desks in the velkam zone, flower arrangements, video screens, floor flower arrangements in cachepots. 4 touchscreen counters + software development.

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