Trade street pavilion. JINJI Food Court

Customer: QBIK

Task: design, selection and formation of technical solutions for the execution of objects within the set technical specifications, taking into account weather conditions, quick installation, dismantling, modularity and reusable assembly. Production of trade pavilions.

Design: QBIK

Ideology of the concept: Asian food court

Implementation: design and manufacture of retail pavilions with consideration for reusable assembly, convenient and fast installation in the framework of the JINJI Food Court project partnership for QBIK, a company specializing in the rental and sale of temporary retail pavilions for festivals, fairs, exhibitions and other public events.

Description: The frame of the trade pavilion provides for quick installation and modularity. Basic materials: moisture resistant plywood, OSB and pvc plastic for pavilion decor. Thermal insulation is provided due to the laying of insulation in the walls. The convenient design of the glass-reinforced plastic window for trade is decorated according to the design concept of the pavilions.

Project features: The operation of trade pavilions provides for outdoor use, taking into account the modular design of the pavilion and reusable installation.