Exhibition stand. KR. BATIMAT

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow, Crocus Expo
  • Мероприятие: BATIMAT
  • Площадь: 200 m2 / Linear
  • Дизайн: KR

Objective & Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

Design and production, logistics, development, services for the cladding of exhibition linear stands – boxes for the presentation of creative concepts of interior design within the framework of the Integrated Solutions exhibition, founded by the organizers of the exhibition Batimat, Media Globe, for famous Russian designers.

Ideology of the concept of exhibition stands-boxes on the theme “Style and Fashion in the Interior”: British Higher School of Design, School of Design Details, Natasha Barbier and Marianna Petrenko (TV channel 1 – Actor’s Living Room), Elena Teplitskaya – (Couturier Winter Garden with Aqua Zone ), Anna Muravina, Irina Chun (Office and Library of a football fan), Dima Loginov (Yacht Club Living Room), Boris Voskoboynikov (Lounge + SPA), Small bathrooms for AM-group CISAL – distributor of Italian factories: Boris Uborevich-Borovsky , Maria Romanova, Alexandra Fedorova, Diana Balashova, Nadezhda Lashku, VOX.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

Implementation: production and construction of frames, structural basis for interior designers – walls, lighting, podiums, cladding, tile laying, connection of lighting equipment, installation/dismantling of exhibition stands, finishing work in each individual stand.

Features of the project: Global Events not only built the walls of the exhibition space, but also helped implement ceramic tile cladding, wallpapering and interior design. Project implementation time: 2 weeks.

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Description of the stand

In 2018, the theme of the exposition of stands of designers and architects is Style & Fashion. These are stands of real interiors on a given general theme, with specific interior areas for each designer and architect. Participants will need to show the relevance of the concepts of Style and Fashion for interior solutions, what elements form a style, and what fashion trends are made of. How an interior trend is born, what ideas and “provocations” designers have.

Designers are invited to present the interior of a certain area of the living space to demonstrate thematic solutions and configuration options. Suggested options for interior zones: artist’s studio (+ bathroom), room in the boutique hotel “Haute Couture”, bathroom of a couturier/designer/architect, living room of an actress, apartment of a football player, bathroom of a football fan, SPA, lounge area, winter garden and other options

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