Exhibition stand. NK ROSNEFT. INPUT GROUP

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow, Dubininskaya str
  • Мероприятие: INPUT GROUP
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

In accordance with the terms of reference, Global Events prepared a design project to decorate the lobby of the first floor of Rosneft’s administrative building, full of stylized images of equipment and attributes corresponding to the company’s profile, using modern technologies and decorations.  The proposed design of the lobby of Rosneft office is aimed at visualizing the company as one of the largest publicly traded oil and gas companies in the world. Therefore, the design is saturated with stylized images of machines and attributes corresponding to the company’s profile. In addition, one of the most important characteristics of the project is the modernity and relevance of the design. The design utilizes modern technologies, innovative ideas and unusual solutions for this period of time.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

In the design of the entrance group, the main attributes of Rosneft as the leader of the Russian oil industry – oil production equipment, namely: oil rigs, pump, pipes, light boxes with graphics of the Company’s enterprises – were used. To add dynamics to the interior of the hall, one of the walls is decorated with a seamless video screen showing clips about the activities and life of Rosneft. The video content can change together with the Company – with the conclusion of new contracts, expansion of the resource base, opening of new terminals, thus constantly displaying up-to-date information about the Company on the screens. Also such a screen allows to inform employees about the corporate life of the Company – it can display congratulations on holidays, information about events and other events important for the company.

Mock-ups of towers crowned with Rosneft logos are located along the projecting walls of the lobby, they are volumetric structures with counter illumination. Also in the design of the hall there are models of a pump (“rocker”) and pipes with valves. This composition is located against the background of three light boxes and is a kind of volumetric continuation of the photos depicted on the light boxes. To create the atmosphere, the pump model is in constant motion, symbolizing the development of oil production wells.

The information element of the lobby design is a volumetric map of Russia with the indication of the field and production profile of the company’s enterprises. The map displays up-to-date information about the company’s activities. Also on this wall there is a logo made in an unusual form – it is a convex light box made of glossy plastic with end illumination. The traditional reading of the logo acquires a modern “sound” with this design, made in strict compliance with the Company’s brand book. The dynamic background for the logo and the map is a backlit string waterfall located along the entire wall of the lobby. This stylish and modern interior design solution looks spectacular and characterizes Rosneft as a successful and up-to-date company.

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Description of the stand

The mounted structure consists of: 4 (four) towers located along the protruding walls of the hall – these are volumetric structures with contrast lighting; 3 (three) light boxes; pump “rocking” and pipes with valves; boxes for artificial grass. Materials used for the construction: steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, plywood, MDF, acrylic. A gear motor is used to drive the “rocker”. The structure is installed stationary. Rosneft logo of wall mount with backlight consists of two elements: a symbol and a word.  The symbol and letters are made of polystyrene and have fixing elements made of transparent polymethylmethacrylate, panels – bases made of fiberboard painted with water-polymer paint and decorative panels made of white polymethylmethacrylate. Panels – bases are fixed to the wall using wall plugs and self-tapping screws, LED strips are glued along the contours of the panels. Decorative panels are attached to the bases, on which logo details and letters are installed using special mounting elements.

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