Exhibition stand. NK ROSNEFT. MIF

  • Страна: NK ROSNEFT. MIF
  • Место: Sochi, SochiExpo
  • Мероприятие: MIF
  • Площадь: 164 m2 / Сorner
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

The exhibition stand should be spacious and have plenty of air. The theme of innovation and ecology is relevant in design. In design, pay attention to the ceiling of the tent. It needs to be closed. That is, the stand must have a roof that reaches the very ceiling of the tent. The design concept is based on the theme of ecology. TASK: the ceiling of the tent above the stand must be covered with its own ceiling. The tent wall at the stand must be completely closed. Or a freestanding wall that covers the entire backside of the tent. Provide bright daylight – there should be a lot of light + possibly colored lighting within the design. Provide ceiling or portable air conditioners. The open area of the stand should be cool and fresh. Forms: different from classical to art-space and industrial-industrial are considered.

The purpose of the exclusive exhibition stand is to present the company – the leader of the oil and gas industry in Russia, demonstrate its status, ideology and technology of work, formulate among the participants and visitors of the exhibition a vision of Rosneft Oil Company as a stable, sustainable, dynamically developing company, a reliable partner in the implementation of international projects in Russia and abroad.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

Production and rental of a combined glass podium with RGB-LED dimmable backlighting. The glass podium is decorated with 3D textured film to create an ice effect and diffuse LED lighting inside. Glass podiums visually increase the space in the room. With their help, you can perfectly zone a large space without resorting to the usual fences and walls. The frame of the glass podium is adjustable legs, chipboard – ribs, tempered triplex glass 10+10 mm for maximum loads. The size of one element is 1×1 m. Part of the podium was produced exclusively for the project as part of the design concept. The LED lighting of the glass podium has several lighting scenarios and is controlled automatically using an electronic unit built into the remote control. It allows you to change both the intensity and shade of the light flux.

Bubble columns are integrated into the wall decor. A bubble column or air bubble tube is a hollow cylindrical container filled with water. A silent compressor is placed at the base of the column, supplying air bubbles, the size and quantity of which can be adjusted. The water in the column is illuminated with bright multicolor LED lighting, which is controlled by a remote control. The entire structure of bubble columns creates a mesmerizing sight. To recreate the wood decor of a rounded wall, we used wood decor laminate flooring on the wall. Further, the practice of non-standard use of flooring has successfully proven itself in many other projects. The design of the stretch ceiling hides the ceiling of the exhibition pavilion (tent) and has internal gradient lighting from light blue to white. The floristry at the stand consists exclusively of fresh cut flowers for tabletop arrangements and ikebana in floor-standing glass vases.

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Description of the stand

Floor: combined single-level modular podium, adjustable legs. Maximum floor load – 350 kg/sq.m. The flooring is mixed: laminate, triplex glass. Walls: plywood boxes. Pillars and ceiling – power trusses, MDF sheathing, textured film sheathing. The map is three-dimensional with LED backlighting. Video wall made of seamless panels. Open meeting area – lounge. 2 meeting rooms + kitchen. The furniture was purchased specifically for the project, as there are high requirements for the quality of furniture. Touchscreen stands – production, creation of content for touch tables. Reception desk with lockable doors, inside shelves, MDF, 5 protruding strips with frame inside. The layers glow between each other. Volumetric logos made of plexiglass with backlight.

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