Shopping pavilion. Bookstall. CPRINT

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow, Domodedovo airport
  • Мероприятие: Shopping pavilion
  • Площадь: 56 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: CPRINT

Concept and objectives of the trade pavilion.

Design of a store, trade pavilion “SPRINT” for JSC “Sales”. Development of technical solutions for the implementation, production and installation of the SPRINT trade pavilion at Domodedovo Airport for the company Sales CJSC, a network of book kiosks.

The design of the trade pavilion was created by the customer. The design idea was to create a compact, convenient space for selling books and other goods at the airport. Design and production of trade pavilion structures and installation. Production of furniture located in the trade pavilion, cash registers, and sales counters. Graphic and lighting design of the trade pavilion.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

Features of the project: during implementation, all key factors were taken into account, including corporate identity, anti-vandal materials, specially manufactured retail equipment, allowing to create a comfortable environment for visitors and staff of the retail outlet at the airport.

The difficulty of implementing the project was the need to prepare accompanying documentation (engineering design, certificates and quality passports), as well as difficult conditions for installation, which was carried out in a limited area and exclusively at night.

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Description of the shopping mall corner

Material used for the frame of the shopping island walls:

Facades: MDF, chipboard with painting, wall graphics made by covering the walls with PVC plastic with direct digital UV printing, welded frame suspended from the structure with built-in lamps and LED color lighting along the contour of the suspension, three-dimensional double-sided sign with internal lighting (illuminated oval box), decorative installation of three-dimensional letters, anti-vandal bumper along the perimeter of the structure made of chromed steel, countertops made of laminated chipboard with an edge. Furniture for a trade pavilion: shelving, cash register, shelving. Lag podium with laying of porcelain tiles, ramps covered with corrugated steel decking, decorative columns made of MDF, painted with water-based paint.

The complex of works for the implementation of a trade pavilion, kiosk: design of the structure of the Kyrgyz Republic, production of all structures and elements of the trade pavilion, preparation of an electrical project, coordination with airport services, logistics and installation.

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