• Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow, CEC VDNH
  • Мероприятие: SN PRO EXPO FORUM
  • Площадь: 48 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

The purpose of the exhibition is to present a new clothing brand. It is beneficial to present 5-7 T-shirts – it is especially interesting. Each T-shirt should be well illuminated – directed light onto the T-shirt.

Design concept for an exhibition stand: the ideal option showed the interior of an English biker club in a photo and asked to use and be inspired by the motifs of this interior. An island-type exhibition stand should be a closed pavilion, but have some windows and openings on all sides. It should be interesting for visitors to come in and see what’s going on there?! Niches should be obtained through the construction of boards, ferrous metal, which are directed in different directions and would form a certain overall design. T-shirts will be placed in some of the niches. The niches where T-shirts will be placed on the aisle side should be decorated with transparent glass so that passers-by do not have the opportunity to steal them and should be illuminated. The number of t-shirts will depend on the design. The customer really likes the imitation plaster finish. The style of the stand is “very” brutal, unusual, in the “Mad Max” style. But the interior should look neat, clean, with attention to detail and help present clothes as profitably as possible! It is advisable to “get away” from symmetrical elements of the stand; the design should contain asymmetrical elements. Color solutions: in black, mixed with red and blue. Lighting: the main color is red, the red color is “diluted” with white and blue (purple). Make sure that visitors to the stand do not “find themselves in complete darkness” when entering the stand. It is imperative to use elements in the form of welded structures made of gears, chains, and other “crap”.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

The basis of the exhibition stand is a frame made of Sodem System exhibition profile. Covered with painted chipboard and laminated chipboard in concrete decor + direct UV printing applied to recreate the vintage effect. All furniture and display surfaces are manufactured by Global Events. The peculiarity of the project is the task of creating an exclusive exhibition stand on a small budget without additional costs. Therefore, the main covering material was sanded chipboard without any processing + painting, frame made from an exhibition rental profile. Thus, we were able to achieve two goals: meet the budget and create a full-fledged exclusive exhibition stand.

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Description of the stand

Stand dimensions: 48 m2 (6*8), island. Stand height: 4 meters. Structure/facade: rental profile, covered with overlays, black, painted, shaped grilles: chipboard, black, painted, bottom – laminated chipboard with rusty stains (layout creation + UV printing). Flooring: Rainbow carpet, black. Entrance area: sign with backlighting and plotter cutting. Niches and openings in the facade are showcases for displaying T-shirts. T-shirts are hung on chains. T-shirts are illuminated (warm, spot, directional light). Ceiling: beams from a rental profile, black black back banner fabric is stretched over the beams. The facades of the walls of the utility room are covered with a banner with a print of a model of aged brick. Volumetric logo in the form of a plate with red backlighting.

The fitting rooms are equipped with additional lamps and mirrors, and curtains made of black thick fabric with a printed logo. All furniture decor for the exhibition stand was produced: shelving, drawers with locks, stylized as antique or military, chest of drawers, wall shelves, hanging display cases, reception desk with volumetric letters with backlighting. Lighting inside the trade pavilion, exhibition stand: “a certain twilight”, red – on the beams, warm white additionally on the beams, warm white: in each fitting room, warm white above the reception: on chains, warm white above the bike: 20 pcs LED (with red film), above the reception and throughout the stand there are IKEA lampshades painted black, lamps (we paint gold and chrome in black so that they can later be used as standard rental ones) in niches with hanging hangers, wall lamps – sconces, for wiring if necessary We use black corrugated cable channels.

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