Exhibition stand. NK ROSNEFT. ONS

  • Страна: Norway
  • Место: Stavanger
  • Мероприятие: ONS
  • Площадь: 72 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

The main concept of the design of the company’s exhibition stand at the exhibition and conference “North Sea Shelf” is the presentation of OJSC NK Rosneft at an international specialized event as a modern and active organization. The dynamics are expressed in the forms of the exhibition – an active curved frieze, an original suspension, clear lines of the main structure of the stand. The current theme of ecology is expressed in the materials used – the stand is made in natural tones, the main finishing element is wood. The main characteristics of this concept are modernity, innovation, dynamism.

The main objectives of the exhibition exposition: assistance through exhibition means in maintaining and strengthening the image of Rosneft; Presentation of the company – the leader of the Russian oil and gas industry, demonstration of its status, ideology and operating technology.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

Development of the general concept of the exhibition within the framework of the production and construction of an exclusive exhibition stand;

Use of modern exhibition technologies in the implementation of stand design; Ensuring maximum information richness of the exhibition stand; Application of the latest multimedia technologies in stand design; Creating conditions for organizing the effective work of a group of the Company’s stand staff.

During the exposition of NK Rosneft at the exhibition, the following methods were used to present visitors and exhibitors with information produced in preparation for the exhibition: The use of a combination of natural materials (wood) and industrial elements (metal pipes) in the design of the stand created an image of the company as a an oil giant that pays attention to environmental concerns in its work. This analogy was effective within the framework of a specialized event. A video screen made of seamless panels located on the central wall showed a presentation image film about the company, its achievements, and information about Rosneft facilities. Corporate graphics and plasma panels attracted the attention of visitors to the information displayed on them about OJSC NK Rosneft. An interactive prize quiz about the activities of Rosneft, presented on touchscreens, aroused keen interest among visitors to the exhibition. Logos, actively used in the design of the stand, served to accurately identify the exposition by forum visitors. Printed and souvenir products. At the stand, places were prepared for advertising and information materials containing general information about Rosneft. Global Events specialists prepared technical documentation for the stand and coordinated all the details of the stand equipment with the Exhibition Organizing Committee. The content for the video wall and touchscreens was produced by Global Events in accordance with the provisions of the technical specifications provided by Rosneft. The video series presented corporate images of Rosneft, project data and general information about the company’s work. The development of advertising and information materials was carried out using texts and photographs provided by Rosneft.

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Description of the stand

Functionally, the stand area is divided into two zones – an open meeting area for visitors and a closed meeting room – a business communication area located inside the central element of the stand. In the open part of the stand there is an original reception desk, tables for negotiations with visitors, booklets and touchscreens with an interactive survey about the company’s activities. The space of the negotiation zone is made as open and free as possible for exhibition visitors. The walls separating the open meeting room from the closed area are made in high-tech style – a combination of wood, metal pipes, and video screens. This design makes the background of this area laconic and does not distract attention. The central information element here is a seamless video screen located in the center of the exhibition. An image film about the activities of Rosneft is shown continuously on the screen.

The closed part of the stand, located in the very center of the exhibition, is divided into three functionally independent zones: two meeting rooms and one utility room-kitchen. The utility room is located on the left side of the structure, it is equipped with racks and shelves for storing souvenirs, and there is also a refrigerator, coffee machine and cooler for organizing catering. Meeting rooms occupy the right and central parts of the closed area. The design of this area is designed to ensure maximum comfort for all participants in business meetings. There are soft sofas and armchairs, conference tables, laptops and plasmas for presentations.

Recognition of the stand is achieved through the active use of the logo in the design of the stand, as well as thanks to the branded suspended structure, raised to the maximum height to attract the attention of visitors and stand out from competing exhibitors. The maximum permissible height of a stand in a pavilion is 2.5 m; construction higher must be consistent with the neighbors. The design task is to create an information-rich stand, a convenient and functional platform for presenting the company’s achievements. The stand is made in natural colors with the addition of elements in the corporate graphics of OJSC NK Rosneft. The surfaces are made of textured surfaces like wood and chrome.

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