Exhibition stand. NK ROSNEFT. MIOGE

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow, Expocenter
  • Мероприятие: MIOGE
  • Площадь: 110 m2 / Peninsula
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

The ideology of the exhibition stand design concept is to create a dynamic exhibition structure to position Rosneft as a modern and active company. The design task is to create an information-rich, functional platform for presentation of the Company’s achievements. Recognizability of the stand is achieved through the use of elements: a model of a derrick, stylized oil pipes, interactive video presentations. Corporate colors of the company, graphic materials-posters, volumetric logos are actively used in the design. Bold innovative solutions and materials, the latest information technologies are used to maintain the company’s image.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

The main design element of the exhibition stand is a model of a six-meter drilling rig located in the center of the exposition. Drilling rig: Welded steel frame. Height – 5.5 meters, together with the logo – 6.5 meters. The drilling rig is located in a kind of pool with water. At the bottom of the pool – black acrylic – imitation of oil, creating a feeling of black liquid in the pool. The diameter of the pool is 3.5 meters. On the lower platform of the tower there are volumetric inscriptions ROSNEFT.

To enhance the effect there are stylized pipes next to the model, and the tower itself is located in a kind of pool with imitation oil. The main accent of the stand is the central arc structure. A seamless video wall is located here to show a movie about the company’s achievements. On both sides of the video wall there are constructions of “oil” pipes painted in the yellow corporate color of Rosneft, 6 pieces on each side. The pipe structure is not only an associative stylization of the company’s profile, but also a power structure for placing video screens and floral composition. The pipe installation gives the exhibition exposition a decorative flavor and at the same time forms an open area for negotiations.

The design of the suspension continues the general style of the exhibition stand: from the central circular structure there are semicircles diverging in both directions. Hanging heights: 8 m central element, 6.5 m, 5 m. At the bottom, all suspension elements are at the same height – 4.5 meters. The central element of the suspension is a ring made of pipe, to it are fixed vertical elements – colored and white vertical fabric blinds.  The height of the blinds is 3.2 meters. At the bottom there are logos. Decorative elements are attached to the power truss.

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Description of the stand

The layout of the exhibition stand is organized in such a way as to make the most efficient use of the area for the presentation of the companies’ achievements and to create comfortable conditions for business meetings and negotiations. The stand area is divided into open and closed zones. The purpose of the open zone is to create comfortable conditions for guests to communicate with the stand operators and to present information about the company’s activities. Information saturation of the open area is achieved by using video materials (two radius video screens are located on the main wall, on both sides of them there are plasmas showing a movie about Rosneft, photos (on both sides of the main structure there are posters depicting the company’s production facilities), touch desks with interactive presentation. Comfortable chairs and tables are located in the open area for the convenience of communication between the standers and the guests of the exhibition. Around the main element of the derrick there is a zone of informal communication – there are poufs where visitors to the stand can familiarize themselves with Rosneft corporate literature and watch the interactive presentation of the company on the screens.

The closed zone is intended for business meetings. It provides the necessary conditions for business negotiations: there are armchairs, sofas, a table, a screen and a laptop to demonstrate materials about the company. This area is structurally separated from the rest of the stand in order to ensure an optimal degree of confidentiality for the negotiations. To ensure that the meeting room space is not unnecessarily closed, the end wall has a glass panel with the company’s corporate graphics on it.

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