Exhibition stand 250 m2. NK ROSNEFT. SPIEF

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: St.Peterburg EC Lenexpo
  • Мероприятие: SPIEF
  • Площадь: 250 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

Development and realization of the design project of Rosneft’s exhibition stand made of non-standard exhibition structures. The main idea that formed the basis for the design of Rosneft’s exhibition stand at SPIEF-2012 is a global representation of the company’s activities on the scale of the exhibition stand. In other words, the stand itself reflects all aspects of Rosneft’s activities: industrial oil production, modernization of oil refining processes, conclusion of “breakthrough” contracts, environmental monitoring, and support of sporting events. The restrictions imposed by the organizers of the Forum this year imply the presence of maximum open space (the closed zone should occupy up to 30% of the area), sufficient viewability of the venue, and the presence of business communication zones. Of course, these requirements of the organizers are taken into account when developing the design of the exposition. The podium of the stand is a complex multi-level construction, symbolically repeating a layer-by-layer section of the earth. This part of the stand conceptually refers to the stage of exploration and oil production. Besides the associative and design idea, the podium has a certain functional task – each layer is a kind of natural limitation of the open business communication zone – each zone will thus be separated both visually and physically. Such zoning will allow to isolate each zone, to provide more individual space to the participants. On one side of the meeting area there is an “Olympic” lounge zone made in white colors: there are white poufs, the Olympic and Rosneft logo and the outline of snow-covered Sochi slopes on the grid. The idea of production and oil refining is also expressed in such design elements of the stand as a decorative dynamic “rocker”, an oil pipeline (metal pipes with a valve), and an oil derrick.

Today’s topical theme of modernization, ecological production and environmental care is expressed in the presence of entire green “islands” on the stand – models of oil production equipment are interspersed with natural oases: grass, flowerbeds, trees. It is planned to use natural lawn and plants in the design. On one side of the meeting area there is an “Olympic” lounge zone made in white colors: there are white poufs, the logo of the Olympics and Rosneft and the outline of snow-covered Sochi slopes on the grid. The idea of production and oil refining is also expressed in such design elements of the stand as a decorative dynamic “rocker”, an oil pipeline (metal pipes with a valve), and an oil derrick. Natural lawn and plants are planned to be used in the design. Video screens are maximally integrated into the structural elements of the stand. Thus, the derrick – a symbol of oil production – also becomes a free-standing vertical screen. In this case, an interesting solution can be a kind of “industrial” video content – they can display the real process of drilling wells and oil production. The stand itself and its elements are made in the “hitech” style, using multimedia equipment, design ideas and technogenic solutions. For example, the reception is combined with a touchscreen. Thus, there is no need to set up additional counters with interactive questioning, and there is an additional stimulus in communication between the booth operator and the visitor. The stand is made in natural colors with the addition of elements of Rosneft corporate graphics. The surfaces are made of textured surfaces under different types of wood, glossy and mirror materials to visually increase the space of the site.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

During the work of Rosneft’s exposition at the exhibition, the following ways of presenting the information produced in the course of preparation for the exhibition to visitors and exhibitors were used. Interactive projection installation at the entrance group of the stand became one of the key elements of the stand: it attracted visitors’ attention, increasing interest in Rosneft’s current achievements in the field of offshore development. The stylized tower with built-in video screens, on which an industrial video on drilling was broadcast, thanks to its height not only became a decorative element of the exposition, but also made it possible to reach the maximum volume of the audience. Video screens built into the walls of the meeting zone added animation and enlivened the business communication zone. A decorative installation of transparent screens, on which dynamic content was transmitted with “rocking chairs”, also became an informative accent of the stand.

Two video walls made of seamless panels located on opposite sides of a stylistic “iceberg” installation. The screens showed a presentation movie about the company, its achievements, and information about Rosneft facilities. Touchscreens with an interactive survey about Rosneft activities in Russian and English were located in freestanding stands and built into the reception. The prize quiz aroused keen interest among the visitors of the exhibition. A waterfall with the company logo on its background significantly decorated the open area of business communication. A built-in installation with the silhouette of the refinery made of combined materials (acrylic with backlighting, neon) was used for instant identification of the company’s activities. Branded suspension with company graphics and logos ensured maximum recognizability of the stand. Logos actively used in the stand design served for unmistakable identification of the exposition by the forum visitors. Printed and souvenir products. Places for advertising and information materials containing general information about Rosneft were prepared at the stand.

The content for the video screens located on the installations “Vyshka”, “Iceberg”, “Kachalka”, built into the walls, for touch screens, for projection activation about the company’s offshore developments was produced by Global Events specialists in accordance with the provisions of the terms of reference provided by Rosneft – the video sequence included images of Rosneft, data about the projects and general information about the company’s work.

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Description of the stand

Floor – four-level podium, white end lighting on all levels. Flooring: live grass flooring, white glossy laminate, laminate in wood decor, floor inserts made of glass (triplex). Lower level – White gloss/grass + projection screen. Second level – Dark wood, glass inlay, grass. Third level – Light wood. Fourth level – white wood. Lower level – Rental modular podium with rough-in layer. Floor projection. Open area: decorative tower with seamless screens broadcasting content. Three sides with screens. Structural cladding: stainless steel, mirrored composite panels. Pipeline-styled railing: 200 mm diameter stainless polished steel pipe, elbows, flanges, twist valves. Ice block: Screens – on both sides of Christie 55′ – 4 pcs. (2 pcs. on each side), “sandwich” of transparent acrylic (20 mm), at a small distance from each other with graphics and backlighting. Barrel with magnetic liquid. Floristics: live trees up to 3 m, floor cachepots with live plants. Interactive counters with touch screens. Reception desks: composite panels in metal decor – face stencil, internal illumination through milk acrylic glass. Furniture production. Walls with barking boxes and video walls, volumetric world map. Installation based on bubble columns. Natural grass on walls and columns.

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