Exhibition stand. WARGAMING NET. IGROMIR

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow
  • Мероприятие: INNOPROM
  • Площадь: 1260 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: Wargaming.net

Concept and objectives of the exhibition

Objective: To build up  an exhibition booth in accordance with the customer’s design and the following technical support. The concept: Coliseum Design: Wargaming.net

Realization: work out, engineering, producing and build up the booth on a turnkey basis, video0audio equipment providing and connection light and sounding equipment connection, and the following technical support of the booth operating as the exhibition progressed.

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Exhibition stand features

The peculiarities of the project:

Assembly period is 4 days, height is 7,5 m. Under design concept, X-shaped construction stands for X-form, where the central part is moved front (outside). The element of X-type is worked out in such a way, so that being so high massive and heavy it could de able to stand without any additional strengthening  and reinforcement, taking in account it is supposed to be assembled in a short of time.

Decorative coating was selected from the mix of a fev layers of coating with the following applying jn the construction surface. Unique massive logo-types are made with letters of artistic design from stain less steel, aerographic included in strict accordance with customer’s logo design. Graphic content is made on the cloth to avoid further possible smell and sparking effect. Production time is 8 weeks.

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Exhibition stand description

Description of the stand: The frame of the stand structure is an x-shaped fence around the perimeter of the stand with illumination of structural elements. The open part of the stand includes play areas for visitors, a stage with an LED screen – a platform for performances by presenters and an orchestra. The open area of the stand is used to receive exhibition guests and organize gaming matches with the subsequent distribution of prizes. The closed part of the stand includes technical areas for personnel.

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