Exhibition stand 120 m2. NK ROSNEFT. MIF

  • Страна: China
  • Место: Beijing, New international exhibition center
  • Мероприятие: CIPPE
  • Площадь: 120 m2 / Island
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

The goal of exhibition stand design is to effectively use the workspace of the stand while creating an open, lightweight structure. In this decision, the dominant role is taken by the voluminous Company logo located on the central panel, which inseparably attracts the attention of visitors and is a kind of invitation to the stand. The side parts of the stand also carry an information load due to films shown on large projection screens. By making the most effective use of the information space of the stand, greater brand recognition of Rosneft is achieved.

The main idea of the design is to present Rosneft as a stable company with a long history of success, a reliable partner in the oil and gas industry, and one of the leading players in the market

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

The stand area is divided into two zones: an open reception area and closed meeting rooms. The height of the stand is 6 meters. The open area is made in light golden tones; flood light is actively used in it, due to which the space expands and the area of the stand visually increases. The closed area is located at the back of the stand. It is made in restrained colors and is intended for business negotiations. The open area occupies the main part of the stand. At the entrance there are branded reception desks for welcoming guests. The open zone itself is conceptually divided into two areas: information and negotiation. The information part of the stand occupies its left side and is an information desk with plasmas and touchscreens, at which visitors can obtain general information about the Company. Presentation videos about the activities of Rosneft are shown on a double-sided projection screen. The open meeting area, located on the right side of the stand, contains upholstered furniture for comfortable communication with guests. In order to visually highlight and isolate this area, an additional podium with end lighting is used. A two-sided screen above the open meeting room shows films with detailed information about the work of the Company.

On the central wall of the stand there is a three-dimensional Company logo and a backlit map of Russia. This wall is the semantic center and “calling card” of the stand: thanks to the height of the wall of 5.5 m and the overall “airy” design of the stand, it is visible immediately upon entering the pavilion. This ensures instant recognition of the Company at the exhibition. On both sides of the central panel there are three-dimensional logos of the Company, originally made not in corporate colors, but using graphics depicting factories and production facilities of the Rosneft Oil Company. This unusual solution is also aimed at attracting additional attention to the semantic center of the stand. The closed part of the stand is reserved for meeting areas and utility rooms. The meeting rooms are hidden from prying eyes: the entrance to them is hidden behind a central panel with a map of Russia, and the walls are made of wood and opaque glass panels with the Company logo. The meeting areas contain the equipment necessary for organizing and conducting a business meeting: table, chairs, armchairs, plasma panels. In the same part of the stand there is a working area: an open kitchen equipped with everything necessary for the catering service, and a utility room for storing booklets and equipment.

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Description of the stand

An open area for the simultaneous work of 4 booth workers includes: 2 reception desks, 4 tables for negotiations with exhibition visitors, information desks for advertising materials. The closed area includes: a VIP meeting room for 10 people, equipped with a round table with chairs, a sofa and 2 armchairs. A plasma panel and laptop for presentation are also provided. Meeting room for 6 people with a round table and chairs. A storage room for promotional and souvenir products, a small kitchen with a mini-sink, a refrigerator, a coffee maker, a cooler and a table for preparing food.

The storage room should be equipped with shelves for promotional materials, space for placing office equipment used for demonstrating presentations and videos, and a hanger for the outerwear of exhibitors.

The stand contains: a map of Russia indicating the location and production profile of individual enterprises of the Company, plasma screens – 2 pcs., a video screen for demonstrating a corporate film about Rosneft Oil Company, laptops (touchscreens) for demonstrating a presentation about Rosneft Oil Company, posters with information about company projects and artistic photos of the company’s production facilities.

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