Exhibition stand. NK ROSNEFT. MIF

  • Страна: Russia
  • Место: Sochi, SochiExpo
  • Мероприятие: MIF
  • Площадь: 164 m2 / Сorner
  • Дизайн: Global Events

Objective &  Ideology of the exhibition stand concept

Design project of the stand with an original screw frieze, stylistic models of oil production equipment and a drilling rig, animation from magnetic fluid, a fountain, a central element – a video wall, plasmas and touchscreens located around the perimeter of the stand.

It is necessary to create an exhibition stand and ensure the operation of the exposition during the forum. Objectives and goals of the exhibition stand: maintaining and strengthening the image of Rosneft, presentation of the company – the leader of the oil and gas industry in Russia, demonstration of its status, ideology and operating technology. Formation among the participants and visitors of the forum a vision of Rosneft as a stable, sustainable, dynamically developing company, a reliable partner in the implementation of international projects in Russia and abroad. Use of modern exhibition technologies in the implementation of stand design; Ensuring maximum information richness of the exhibition stand; Application of the latest multimedia technologies in stand design.

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Realization & peculiarities of the project

Models of oil production equipment and a drilling rig with a fountain became the stylistic accent of the stand and created the identification of the exhibitor as a production energy company. An animation of the magnetic fluid of the logo and the operation of oil production equipment, taking place on branded barrels of Rosneft Oil Company, became an original element of the stand, attracting everyone’s attention; A seamless video wall that showed a video about the company, its achievements, and information about Rosneft facilities. Located in the central part of the stand, the video wall became the central element of the exhibition. Along the perimeter of the stand there were stands with touchscreens with in-game surveys of visitors in English and Russian. Plasma screens located on poles along the perimeter of the open area continuously showed a video about Rosneft. The model depicting the company’s production became a visual demonstration material about the activities of Rosneft.

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Description of the stand

Floor: Single-level modular podium, standard adjustable legs without lighting. Maximum floor load – 250 kg/sq.m. Mixed flooring: laminate, high-pile carpet in meeting rooms. Walls: plywood boxes. Pillars – trusses, MDF sheathing + water-based painting. Light boxes – plexiglass with graphics. Three-layer wall with backlighting. Back wall: map and lightboxes. The map is three-dimensional with LED backlighting. The front pillar is stylized as a tower. In the center of the tower. The tower is in the pool. There is a fountain inside the tower. Ceiling: aluminum, MDF 4, hardboard, three-level with backlighting from bottom to top. Built-in lights.

Kitchen: located immediately behind the meeting room. There are two doors from the kitchen: The door to the open area, the door adjacent to the meeting room. Rental equipment and furniture. Open area: 42” plasmas – 3 pcs., booklets – 4 pcs., lightboxes, three-dimensional map of Russia highlighting the map of the Southern Federal District and the company’s production facilities in the region, barrel with installation – 1 pc., video screen of 9 seamless panels, touchscreen screens for the video screen – 3 PC. Decorative installation, art object – oil rig. Reception desk with lockable doors, inside shelves, MDF, 5 protruding strips with frame inside. The layers glow between each other. The logo is three-dimensional without backlight. Bar stools – 3 pcs.

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