• Страна: Russia
  • Место: Moscow, Vnukovo Airport
  • Мероприятие: VNUKOVO AIRPORT
  • Площадь: 36 m2 (6x6m) / Island
  • Дизайн: HAMOVNIKI

Objective & Ideology of the concept

Task: to produce a comfortable bar open on all sides. Materials must be anti-vandal, provide a system for storing products, and present the brand as much as possible.

Design and production, installation of the facility structure. Production of furniture, shelving and graphic design and volumetric logos with backlight.

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Implementation & the peculiarities of the project

Implementation of a retail island from Global Events: development, selection of technical solutions for materials, fasteners, fittings, graphic design. Design of structures, development of electrical plans. Coordination of the design project and working draft with the administration of Vnukovo airport. Logistics, on-site installation. Production of furniture, storage systems, bar counters, graphic design of retail outlets.

Features of the project: One of the most important tasks is to produce vandal-proof retail equipment for use at the airport. Bar Khamovniki is a project for the image and PR of the brand. A special feature of the project is the location of the retail outlet at Vnukovo Airport.

A complex process of coordination with the airport administration from the design concept to a detailed working draft with the approval of all materials, and demonstration of samples of important structural fastening units. Installation: tight deadlines for preparing a detailed design and constructing the pavilion on site.

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Description of the project

The bar is located in the departure area of Vnukovo airport. The bar is a square area measuring 6×6 m on a podium, 36 m2. There is a beer bar with a bar counter around the entire perimeter. Frieze around the perimeter of the structure according to the design project: welded structure, covered with plywood and MDF with furniture plastic. The ends of the frieze with internal LED lighting. LED lights with warm white light are built into the frieze design.

The frieze parts are connected by a chrome pipe. Support beams: plywood, laminated MDF. On the façade of the structure there are light boxes with menus. Branding: light box with front LED lighting. The bar counter top is 40 mm – artificial stone.

Bar countertop lighting: LED strip. Production of the central pillar structure. Podium: plywood+decorated furniture plastic. Anti-vandal bumper – base around the perimeter of the bar counter. The walls of the bar counter are made of MDF,

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