Scania at Mining World Russia 2017

MiningWorld Russia is an international exhibition of machinery and equipment for the extraction, processing and transportation of minerals. For more than 27 years, the exhibition has been the most representative platform in terms of participants and visitors, where there is direct contact between manufacturers and suppliers of machinery and equipment for the mining industry with direct customers

From April 25 to 27, the 21st International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Mining, Processing and Transportation of Minerals was held in Moscow. Scania-Rus LLC presented its solutions for the mining industry. The Scania-Rus company exhibited G480 CB8x8EHZ, G480 CB8x4EHZ and G440 CB8x4EHZ mining dump trucks with bodies. The equipment is designed for work in quarries and on technological roads. Scania showed at its stand the diesel power plant “Powered by Scania” DG 400 B II, which allows solving any power supply problem.

On an open-air area of 160 sq.m. Opposite pavilion No. 2 there is an open exhibition of Scania-Rus. The entire area was used to demonstrate the new generation of Scania equipment. The exhibition stand is built up on 20 m2. The company’s task: to demonstrate Scania equipment and services, to inform visitors about new complete products. It was important to emphasize that Scania is a premium brand. Use only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials during construction.

At the stand, work was carried out to inform customers about the company’s new services. Scania fleet monitoring system (FMS – Fleet Management System). An innovative Scania product that allows the company’s customers to monitor hundreds of vehicle performance parameters using a web portal.

“Angel Call” is a unique mobile application developed by Scania specialists as a solution to improve driver safety on the road.

“Scania Driver Support” is a system for assessing and analyzing driver performance.

“Scania Rental” is a program developed for customers who need trucks for temporary use.

The Service Exchange is a factory refurbished parts program introduced by Scania in 2016.

Scania Driving Academy is a Scania driving school.

Since 2016, the segment of equipment for mining enterprises has become one of the main activities of the Scania-Rus company.

The stand is located on the street, so it is open, allowing maximum access to the exhibits. 4 units of equipment on the stand. The welcome zone (the building itself) should be located in the far right corner of the stand so that guests can immediately find the representative they need. But at the same time, the stand should not cover the diesel power plant, which is located next to the stand.

Use only high-quality materials in construction. The company focuses on quality, premiumness, and innovation. You can find out how this was implemented if you follow the link.