Premiere at BATIMAT – “Integrated Solutions” 2018

The exposition of stands of leading designers and professional schools, called “Integrated Solutions”, is the result of cooperation between BATIMAT RUSSIA and companies of components and finishing materials.

This year the list of designers has expanded significantly, and the exhibition area has increased many times over. The theme for 2018 is “Style & Fashion in the Interior”. The participants showed what elements a style is formed from, what fashion trends are made of, and showed how an interior trend is born. These were stands of a certain area of the living space to demonstrate thematic solutions and configuration options. The following were offered: an artist’s studio, a room in a boutique hotel, a couturier’s winter garden, an actress’s living room, an apartment for a football fan, a spa, a lounge area and other options.

The exhibition was also attended by leading design schools and the thematic television program of Channel One “Ideal Renovation”. For the first time at the BATIMAT RUSSIA 2018 exhibition, the project of the winner of the competition among graduates of the British Higher School of Design was implemented. Leading industry manufacturers were attracted to implement the project. The Roca company specially manufactured an unusual countertop with cylindrical sinks based on the sketches of the author of the winning project. And the Sofia factory helped to implement three design stands and produce conceptual models and prototypes of non-standard interior items.